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Graduation Dresses

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Graduation Faqs

What Are The Best Websites For Graduation Dresses?
You can buy graduation dresses by Zapaka directly through our online website. If you are trying to make sure your dress strikes that magic balance between thrifty and stylish Zapaka has got you covered! We pride ourselves on creating on-trend yet affordable graduation dresses. Our consistently low prices are not a reflection of poor quality - in fact, it's quite the opposite! Our stunning graduation dresses are made using the highest quality fabrics, and detailed workmanship, and we even back this up with our free return policy! We want to make sure you are comfortable with your Zapaka purchase, knowing it is a risk-free decision. Don't go wasting your precious time and hard-earned money elsewhere - Zapaka has affordable graduation dresses available that are sure to meet your style and budget needs!

What Is The Popular Color For Graduation Dresses This Year?
The hottest trending dress colors for hoco 2020 are shades of blue and red. The two most popular shades are navy blue hoco dresses and burgundy red graduation dresses. Also trending for graduation are dresses in pastel shades, such as baby blue, mint green, blush pink, lavender purple, and light yellow. Many of this year's popular dress colors will complement all skin tones. If a pop of color is not your style, don’t worry! Black is a classic dress color that’s always in style. Pick a cute graduation dress in your favorite color and feel confident on your special day.

What Will The 2020 Graduation Dresses Trends Be?
Simple short graduation dresses are one of the biggest trends expected for graduation. Simple dresses are timeless and can be styled to fit your personality. Although simple graduation dresses don’t usually have a lot of glitz and glam, the trend for hoco 2020 dresses is an a-line silhouette with a stand-out feature. with lace detailing, or a dramatic neckline. Want more than a small stand-out feature for your graduation dress? Opt for a fitted graduation dress that allows you to show off your curves in a fun print or allover sequins. With so many dress style trend options to choose from, just remember that you should always go with the graduation dress that makes you feel most comfortable.

How To Choose Your Graduation Dress?
Take advantage of the (extra!) long summer break to browse different stores and try on several styles to see which suits you and your body shape the best. Your graduation dress needs to fit perfectly, so if you see a dress you love, consider getting it tailored. A shortening of the straps and hem or a nip in at the waist will make an off-the-rack dress really sing your figure’s praises! Also, talk to your classmates about their graduation dresses. If you’re in a group that likes to coordinate (even if it’s just to ensure you’re all wearing different colors), start doing that now. Remember to choose a color that complements your hair, eyes, and skin tone – don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself if your friends want you to wear a color you hate. This is your graduation dress, and you should feel amazing in it.

What Does Hoco Mean?
Hoco is a shortened version of graduation. It refers to an event often held by schools and universities at the beginning of the academic year to welcome back their students.

What Is The Point Of Graduation?
Graduation is a way to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year and begins the term on a positive and fun note.

Can Graduation Dresses Be Long?
It's rare that graduation dresses are long because this type of formal dress is reserved for prom night which is a more formal event. Most often, graduation dresses are short, above-the-knee length. However if you do feel like wearing a floaty casual style maxi-dress, this can also make for a great look that is ideal for your graduation dance.

What Dress Should I Wear For Graduation?
A graduation dance is generally a semi-formal event. This requires girls to wear a short party dress is any style they like. Popular options include the fit and flare silhouette which has a fitted bodice but flared skater style flippy skirt.

Are Graduation Dresses Supposed To Be Short?
Graduation dresses are usually short for your graduation dance, however, you could opt for a midi or long maxi style, or even a jumpsuit.

What Should You Not Wear To Graduation?
You shouldn't wear a very formal prom ballgown for graduation, unless the dress code is formal. It's better to wear a more casual style of dress in a shorter length.

Do Freshmen Attend Graduation?
Graduation is a very inclusive event and every student including past alumni are often invited to attend graduation each year.